Town of Germantown 
Washington County, WI 
Est. 1846

W212 N14393 Fond Du Lac Ave.
Richfield WI 53076
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July 12, 2021

  • Minutes of the Monthly Regular Meeting of the Town of Germantown, July 12, 2021 at Town Office at the Rockfield Elementary School, N132W18473 Rockfield Rd., Germantown, WI  53022

* Clerk posted proper meeting notification.

* Meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by Paul Metz

   Members Present: Paul Metz-Chairman, Dianne Lyman-Treasurer, Chad Dhein-Supervisor, Jennifer Guslick-Supervisor, Susan Kjell-Town Clerk

   Town members/Guests present, Peter Kotsakis from the Stillery and Jim Micech, Town Inspector

  • Peter Kotsakis asked for the date of the next meeting which is August 9th at Rockfield School.

  • Clerk read the minutes of the Regular Meeting held on Monday, June 14th, 2021. Chad Dhein made a motion to accept the minutes; Paul Metz seconded.  Motion approved.

  • Treasurer read the Treasurer’s Report. Note was made that we have received the first payment of 50% of the ARPA funds. Chad Dhein made motion to accept the Treasurer Report. Motion seconded by Jennifer Guslick.  Motion approved.

  • New Business:  

Tavern License Renewals; The  FHC LLC DBA as The Stillery was reviewed; none of the outstanding bartenders appeared so this is tabled to August.  

Conditional Use Permits: Chad noted that the Stillery applied for a one-time permit for July 18th for a car show in the parking lot.  A $500 bond is required; Peter Kotsakis indicated he would deliver that to the clerk prior to the event (it was received in time).  Paul made a motion to accept the permit, Jennifer seconded it and motion was approved.  

Remaining permits were all renewals: 

Brent & Stephanie Stichmann for raising chickens; Chad moved; Jennifer seconded. Motion approved. 

Dan Larsen Landscaping storage of landscape materials.  Chad moved; Jennifer seconded. Motion approved. 

Patti’s Groomery for pet grooming. Chad moved; Jennifer seconded. Motion approved. 

Two outstanding permits require renewal; Chad Aumiller and Glen Fleisner. 

Susie asked if Lauren and Brian Padovano needed a permit for the vegetable stand on their property.  Per Chad, they are zoned for Agriculture so they do not need to have a permit.  

ARPA Grant Submission: The grant was submitted and accepted and the first monies received per Paul.  He will attend the WTA meeting on August 30th to get more information on how the money can be used.  

Inspection Permits: Jim Micech appeared with two permits totaling $446.10 that he received for Jeff Knippel and Jennifer Guslick.  Board reviewed and permits were submitted to Dianne for payment.  

Old Business:                                                                                                                                                                         

Shadow Lane bridge update: Susie visited Deanne and we have the four black and white striped signs. Discussion on how to get them installed; can we do this ourselves or does the insurance still prohibit this?  Susie will check.

Rocky Lane Maintenance: Paul indicated this was done and the bill is submitted. 

No updates on the Rockfield School parking issues.  Per Jennifer the parent survey is just done and still be reviewed. 

  • The Board went over the bills to be paid and signed checks. Chad Dhein made a motion to accept the bills. Motion seconded by Jennifer Guslick. Motion approved.

  • Board members dispersed the mail that was received for Board members. 

  • The next regular meeting will be on August 9th, 2021 at the Rockfield Elementary School, N132W18473 Rockfield Rd., Germantown, WI  53022

* Chad Dhein made a motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Paul Metz. Motion approved.

* Meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Susan E. Kjell, Town Clerk