Town of Germantown 
Washington County, WI 
Est. 1846

W216 N14035 Marquette Rd.
Richfield WI 53076
‭(262) 573-1043

Town of Germantown Vision      
The Town of Germantown is the oldest town in Washington County (established in 1846) and the smallest in land area in the State. Residents take a certain pride in the Town's capacity to adapt and survive. The ability of residents to "stick together" serves the Town well into the future as the Town strives to remain in control of its own destiny. In 2035, Town residents continue to enjoy a safe, quiet, primarily residential community, while still being able to access the amenities of nearby urban areas. A higher than normal ratio of jobs to residents allows the Town to provide employment for the surrounding region, keep local taxes low, and provide above average services."
Town Staff

Chairperson:  Paul Metz                                     
Supervisors:  Chad Dhein & Jennifer Guslick                                  
Clerk:  Jason Guslick , (262)573-1043
Treasurer:  Dianne Lyman
Planning Comm. Chr.:  Paul Metz-(262) 224-6944
Zoning Adm.: Chad Dhein-(262) 677-4073 (please direct your question about permits to Chad)

Building Inspector:  Jim Micech - 414-840-3416 
                                             email - [email protected]  

Electrical InspectorJim Micech - 414-840-3416                               
Plumbing InspectorJim Micech - 414-840-3416                                
Assessor:  Leyton Schultz-(262) 392-9828

Building Inspection Requests to come

Waste Management Contact: Rick Gotti-262-250-8315 

Washington Co. Sheriff Office/Website

 ASSESSOR DATA WEBSITE:  Assessor Data With this link you can look up your property information.  This is just a generic look: Legal Description, Building Description, Date of last permit, Assessed value of land/buildings and Assessment year.  Or you can go directly to our Assessor's Website Schultz Appraisal Agency which has various links for your convenience. 

Schultz Appraisal Agency/Website


For ALL Residences that have Time Warner, DSL, Charter or any other Voice Over Internet phone service, please make sure your 911 service is directed to Washington Co. Dispatch Center and not to Germantown's   Dispatch Center.   If the wrong dispatch enter is listed and a 911 call is made, the dispatcher will need to first notice the  error and then send the call to the correct dispatch center and this might delay your emergency service.

 Town's Garbage Pickup
Every MONDAY with the exception of the homeowners on Holy Hill Rd., which theirs is on FRIDAYS - Be sure to have all your garbage out by 7:30am.  The recyclables will be collected every other week starting December 27th.  Here is a calender of the collection weeks, we are the even/gold weeks, EXCEPT for homeowners of Holy Hill Rd, theirs will be the opposite week then the rest of the town.


TO ALL TOWN RESIDENSE: If your unable to get broadband you can now get it thru Ethoplex Internet Service or Bertram Wireless  

ETHOPLEX INTERNET SERVICE:  A broadband option would be Ethoplex (Signal is their residential product name).  You can contact them at 262-252-9000 and tell them you are with the Town of Germantown. 
You can call Krista (Bertram Wireless) at 920-994-2388 and tell her you are with the Town of Germantown and she can send you information on their Services or a Service Tech., if you need one.  Below are some pricing for Bertram Wireless.
Wisconsin Home Energy Plus program 

Heating bills a struggle?  Applying for the Wisconsin Home Energy Plus program is the answer!

The WHEAP program runs from October 1st through May 15th each heating season.  The program offers a one time payment per household, per heating season to assist with your utility cost.

All applicants must meet the income eligibility limits.  Example, the income limit for a single person is $2,181 per month.  The income limit for a couple is $2,852 per month.  The size of the benefit will depend on household size, income and heating costs.  Assistance is available whether you heat your home with wood, fuel oil, propane, natural gas or electricity.  The payment generally is sent directly to the energy provider.

The WHEAP program also partners with the Weatherization Program and may be able to provide assistance if your furnace should break down during the season.  This is a program available to you at NO cost.  The Weatherization Program will also offer an evaluation of your home to help you reduce your energy costs.  If you chose to participate in the Weatherization Program, a representative from Weatherization will contact you to do an audit of your home.  Once the audit is complete, you may be eligible for assistance in the form of air sealing, insulating and repair/replacement of mechanicals such as water heaters, furnaces and ventilation fans.

Energy Assistance appoints will be offered in West Bend, Germantown, Hartford and Jackson.

Contact your local Home Energy Plus Agency at (866) 432-8947 for more information or to apply for assistance or go to 



*Clean Sweep-Washington Co. Residents  Contact: or Phone #262-335-4800

November 25-November 29, 2021 

*Thanksgiving Holiday - Clerks office will be closed, but will be picking up messages.

Month of December-Tax Bill                                                                                                                                       

*All Tax Bills should be mailed to Dianne Lyman (262) 677-0348 our Town Treasurer.  The address is located at the bottom of your tax statement. 

December 26, 2021-January 2, 2021                                                                                                                                    

*Christmas Holiday - Clerks office will be closed, but will be picking up messages. In case of an emergency please call Paul Metz at (262) 224-6944.