Town of Germantown 
Washington County, WI 
Est. 1846

W216 N14035 Marquette Rd.
Richfield WI 53076
‭(262) 573-1043



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Pursuant to Section 19.84 of the Wisconsin Statutes,

a Planning Board Meeting of the Town of Germantown, Washington County, Wisconsin,

will be held on Monday, the 13th day of June, 2022 at 6:00 P.M. The meeting will be held

at the location noted below:

Katie Wiedmeyer Residence

N132W17882 Rockfield Rd.

Germantown, WI 53022

Matters of business are as follows:

1. Discuss a request submitted by Katie Wiedmeyer for a conditional use permit to

operate a pet grooming business on her property. The parcel (Tax Key

#T5_023500A) is 0.80 acres in size, zoned “Residential B”, and lies within the

Town of Germantown, Washington County, Wisconsin. A planning board meeting

and public hearing are required because the current Town zoning ordinances

restrict the granting of conditional use permits for business uses in residential

zoning districts.

2. Adjournment

3. Meeting is to be immediately followed by a public hearing (to be held at the same

location) and a regular meeting of the Town of Germantown to be held at

Rockfield School (N132W18473 Rockfield Rd. Richfield, WI 53076)

Respectfully Submitted,

Jason Guslick

Jason Guslick

Town Clerk




For ALL Residences that have Time Warner, DSL, Charter or any other Voice Over Internet phone service, please make sure your 911 service is directed to Washington Co. Dispatch Center and not to Germantown's Dispatch Center.   If the wrong dispatch enter is listed and a 911 call is made, the dispatcher will need to first notice the error and then send the call to the correct dispatch center and this might delay your emergency service.